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Brief Introduction of Facilities Management /Maintenance

Often, people ask, “What is facility management/Maintenance, and how does it apply to leased or owned properties

In short, Facility management services include all owners or tenants’ responsibilities . Think of the services, maintenance and repairs necessary to keep the property and its installations /equipment’s in good condition all the time .

Why Need of Facilities Management /Maintenance Services?

Effective facilities management is essential to the performance of any organization or Property, no matter the size and scope. Good facilities management and maintenance can deliver greater adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability for your organization or property . It ensures efficient and smooth business operations that are not often interrupted by a diverse range of technical difficulties

Also  represents a wide range of services for real estate for both commercial & Residential – these services are like general upkeep of the property , maintenance , managing vendors /contractors , fit -out /refurbishment supervision etc. etc.,

Why Hire Ipasi Real Estate Services

  1. Outstanding service, support, flexibility and responsiveness to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.
  2. Consistently meeting client requirements, thereby reducing no. of complaints. To make processes and services more reliable and less costly.
  3. Monitoring of Quality System and work characteristics for the continuous improvement in all areas & to develop enthusiastic and dedicated team of employees.
  4. We work in partnership with customers to help manage their e workplaces/ properties . We’re excited about the future & passionate about helping our clients achieve their strategic goals.
  5. We bring our experience to work collaboratively with customers to deliver the support they need for the future. We deliver a seamlessly integrated service and bring fresh thinking and new ways to support our customers every day.
  6. Regardless of the vagaries in your business environment, our integrated approach to facility management help achieve maximum productivity and efficiency

Having said the above following is what we  Ipasi Real Estate Services offer to clients on Facilities Maintenance / Management


  1. Overseeing Property regular maintenance, inspections and repairs
  2. Ensuring that basic facilities, such as water and heating, are well-maintained
  3. overseeing and agreeing contracts and providers for services including security, parking, cleaning, catering, technology, maintenance , security and so on.
  4. Allocating and managing space between buildings
  5. Ensuring that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards by conducting reviews as required by regulators
  6. Advise clients on recommends maintenance, mechanical, electrical, and facility design modifications.
  7. overseeing building projects, renovations or refurbishments
  8. space optimization review
  9. consultancy on facilities management
  10. And so, on

The Benefit clients  will gain by hiring us as Facility Managers are as follows:

At the end of the day, the importance of facilities management services at a particular property or organization will always depend upon the goals and preferences of the client. We’ve found that Both Small , medium and  larger properties  benefit from this service; the size of the building and number of facility responsibilities are why facilities management is important . Below are some of the benefits clients will get by hiring us as Facilities Managers

  1. Complete management and maintenance of the buildings, people and assets of the business
  2. We enable a more cost-effective working process within the business by ensuring a more cost-effective working process within the business is in place. For example, carrying on regular  preventative maintenance on premises and assets reduces the amount of money spent on large repairs by having essential resources available already. Also, a clean, pleasant and safe working environments motivates employees so, they are more productive. Therefore, proper facilities management is important to make the most out of a company, with regard to cost-efficiency.
  3. Improved efficiency of the business Proper facilities management services are important to improve the efficiency of the business. Investing in proper management of facilities  helps the company focus better on its day-to-day operation, ensures health / safety standards are achieved and ensures all assets within the business are in good condition.
  4. Provide acceptable Help to management of health and safety requirements in accordance with industry regulations By engaging us we will ensure the property/premises  comply with health and safety requirements within the business’ industry. It is vital that standards are complied with for the health and safety of employee and for insurance purposes.
  5. Help increases lifespan of a business’ assets – by having us as Facility Managers ,increase of the lifespan of company assets will be achieved.
  6. Reduces of stress and pressure – Facility management outsourcing to a reliable facilities management company like us be assured that  will reduce the stress and pressure of managing  facilities in-house. Handing over the responsibility of managing and maintaining your site to IPASI REAL ESTATE SERVICES clients will have less to worry about. We will ensure that all of your facilities management requirements are taken care of providing clients  with essential and sustainable facilities management solutions which are compliant with business and industry regulations.
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